Forensic Document : Handwriting & Fingerprint : (CQFE)

Special Forensic Science Training with Certification by Court Appointed Commissioner 

Start Your Own Court / Legal Practice in Handwriting and Fingerprint : How to Become an Expert ?

(Do you want to be your own boss? – Be a Forensic Expert and Crime Investigator : 2 Days Supportive Training Programme)

Skills will improve job prospects, Forensic Jobs are limited but, there is a wide scope for own Forensic Practice including self-employment, businesses, additional income source, side business, free lance work etc, with very low investment or no investment. In job there is a limit to income, but in business there is no limit…

Working as Forensic Expert on crime scenes, for Courts, Police Departments, Public or any other Law Enforcement Organization is always best thing, it is challenging and interesting and intriguing that often doesn’t feel like work.

A decent income, attractive benefits, constant opportunities to learn new things, and ongoing chances for advancement. What more could you want in a career? a career as a Forensic Expert offers opportunities and benefits not found in almost any other job…

We focus on imparting Knowledge and facilitate our participants to prosper their Professional Career in Forensic Sciences through Systematic and Organized Training and many more… This training about starting a career in Forensics is suitable for anyone considering starting their own practice or who is currently in the early stages of doing so. It is also suitable for people who want to learn about the process of starting own practice in forensic science mainly Forensic Documents, Handwriting and Fingerprint.

Eligibility : Anybody can join the training – if he/she is interested in learning about forensics. (Final year appeared students can also apply).

Finished College and Don’t Know What to Do?  (I have a forensic degree, now what?) : For those wishing to start their own legal or private forensic practice (Acc. to Indian Evidence Act. Section 45), we offer a 2 days training programme. This is designed for individuals to obtain and/or develop the necessary skills and knowledge to start career as a forensic expert. (Main aim is removing negativity about forensics and improving career opportunities)

Who Should Attend? : Our Training programme focuses on: Anyone with a business idea they want to develop, anyone looking at self-employment in forensics as a realistic career option, and anyone who has recently started a business related to forensic science.

Training Topics: Introduction to Forensic Science, Forensic Documents, Process of Evidence Collection, Preparation & Presentation of Evidences, Investigating Handwriting and Fingerprint Cases, Handwriting and Fingerprint Opinions, Writing Reports, Expert Witness: Attending Cross Examinations in Court, Fingerprint Developments, FBI Fingerprinting for Criminal Background Check or Police Clearances with hands-on training experiences, Current Happenings: Recent Imp. amendments in Laws / Indian Acts, Forensic Developments, and Controversies in India, Guide to Forensic Science Careers, Importance of Ethical Practices, Forensic Practice Tips, Starting Legal Practice as per Indian Evidence Act Section 45, Registration & Licenses for new forensic business, Marketing + Business Ideas and many more. (Round table discussion / Group discussion session for resolving queries.).

Training Dates and Timing: (You can apply & join to any batch from here).

Sr. No.Training BatchDates / ScheduleTraining Fee
1November 2020 (2 Days)29 Nov. 2020 to 30 Nov, 2020. – (Holidays).4200 Rs
2January 2021 (2 Days)23 Jan. 2021 to 24 Jan. 2021. – (Holidays).4200 Rs.
3March 2021 (1 Day)28 Mar. 2021 – (Holiday).2200 Rs.
Training Timing: 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.*

(IMP. NOTICE : Special Training Programme – May 2020 has been postponed due to COVID-19 pandemic till further notice. We will announce new schedule when – everything goes well, once normal service has been resumed, inter-state travel allowed, after lockdown is lifted and normalcy returns to the state. The decision was recently made up on the requests of majority of the participants. Thank you so much for your understanding, support and cooperation. You can also transfer your training fee to IFS Memberships, Online Courses, and Certifications from www.ifs.edu.in )

Training Timing: 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.*

Training Fee : 2 Days = 4200 Rs. : Including Training Materials, Tea / Coffee, Complimentary Breakfast / Snacks, and Lunch, [Accommodation is not included]. 100 to 250 USD for International Students.

Seats: 10 seats. (We have limited seats, to provide our participants personal attention, superior quality of training and optimal social distancing.)

Training Room : Dedicated Training Division and Air-conditioned.

Certificate: Training Certificate will be provided after completion of training.

Apply Online Now : www.dlc.co.in/form/view.php?id=22797

Venue / Address : IFS , Office No 30, 6th Floor, C Wing, K K Market, Dhankawadi, Pune 411043.

Contact Numbers : 020 412 64 864 , 93 83 100 100, 97 97 100 100 and 90 11 864 864 .

Google Map Location : https://goo.gl/maps/qdFt28vnBKJ2

Fee Payment Options : www.forensic.co.in/pay 


Please note: All events / times are tentative and subject to change. Also note Training Dates and Timings and please arrange hotel accommodation accordingly. Please kindly note that accommodation will not be provided by us and accommodation  is not part of the registration fee, IFS staff will provide you with general information about accommodation options near the training place. Anyone can apply but Preference will be given to Forensic Science Students or Professionals. Training fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, but will be refunded if all seats are full. as per our Bank Agreement = No Refunds, No Charge-backs, No Disputes allowed. For more details please refer websites, training form instructions and guidelines.

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