About Us

International Forensic Sciences is Govt. Certified, Court Appointed Commission and ISO Certified Organization.

We at IFS provides Special Forensic Trainings, Internships, Consultations, Career Services & Workshops etc.

We also provide Lab Testing Services like Forensic Document Examinations, Handwriting Analysis, Signature Comparison, Fingerprint Verification, Thumb Impression Examination, Fingerprinting for PCC, FBI USA, RCMP Canada and other countries.

We provide various Legal/ Forensic services and our experts give the expert opinion under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act, 1872 and the opinions are admissible in courts of Law in India

We also provides eLearning (Courses and Certifications) in the field of Forensic Sciences.

Membership / Certifications: We at IFS also provide Memberships / Certifications to the students. An online objective exam is conducted for the certification whereas no exam is conducted for the membership.

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Our Contact No. 97 97 100 100 , 93 83 100 100, 90 11 864 864 & 020 41264864.